Sunday, November 21, 2010

a day

what a difference a day makes

it was just day three years ago

that changed my life’s course

a quick glance at the bar, a

simple hello, nice to meet you

and nothing would ever be the

same...i would never look at a

woman the same, i would never

feel the same for my husband

the end result would be the

constant longing for you in my

life. all it took was a day for me

to go from a life of comfort and

security to one of constant

question and pain and sadness

all the days leading up to you

and me and us the impossibility of

it all what a difference a day makes.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sometimes love happens

when we are not ready

when life is a mess and

you think nothing is

possible, sometimes

love happens. it doesn’t

wait for your head to

catch up with your

heart it makes its

surprise entrance

at the most

inconvenient of

times and your

left with all the

pain and confusion

her voice sang

to my soul, my

heart burst with

every note. she

lay her head on

my chest, her skin

touching mine. and

i was home, finally

a place of warmth,

of peace. to feel all

at once, free and

alive for the first

time. it shook me

so i could barely

move, for fear it

would leave me

once again alone.

my love

the way i see you,

it’s the beauty in

your heart, the way

you share it with the

world. it’s your words

and how you live them.

it’s your song and how

you sing it. how it opens

up my heart, and mind.

the love you gave to me

how it healed my soul,

made me feel worthy

again and full of hope.

it’s how you listen to

my words and read

them into life, eternal.

it’s your exuberance,

a joy for living, a kind

of blind faith in life, that

keeps me coming back

to you. comparing all

others to what ultimately

will always be my love

for just you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

the touch

how does one take
advantage of another
it begins with a touch
and the thought
she's had a little wine
she'll be in the mood
and she thinks
i owe him at the very least this
he gave her 11 years
and two beautiful children
but the more he touches
the more it hurts
like fire burning her skin
with every searing touch
and then the tears start rolling
and she can't stop
and she thinks of her
and all the pain
and how she can do anything
for a time
and she thinks
it's just a little longer
people have survived war
and famine
poverty and disease
she can survive this heartache
a little longer


there’s an empty space

i feel it on my finger

where you placed my ring

i feel it at night

the ocean of space

in our bed where

you used to lay

it’s there in my heart

when i look at our kids

their searching eyes

asking what’s wrong

it’s wrong and its

right all at the same

time, these moments

of emptiness and pain