Sunday, September 9, 2012

the cousin

she said why can’t you
be more like your cousin
she never brings her “friend”
to family events...her partner
of more than a decade hasn’t
even made it above “friend” 
status. this is the kind of 
support i get from my mother
and I’d blame it on an age thing,,
generational gap, but that would 
be unfair to all the 70 plus people
out there that except their gay 
children, grandchildren, etc., with
love and open arms. and isn’t the
bigger question really why do i care
so much?? why can’t i live a life without 
the need of this woman’s approval, 
these matriarchal, italian, catholic women 
of my family hand down their judgement
with a spoon full of tortellini and a 
glass of wine to shut you up and keep
your opinions to yourself....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

for the girls

for the little girls
who paint their faces
like army men and 
role around in the dirt
the girls who play with 
match box cars on the 
side of a hill, making
tracks of adventure
forever imprinted on 
your bold
get dirty and play hard
dream big of your greatness
and never, ever let anyone
squash you goals little girl
because they will try, oh 
how they will try, people
will try to tell you not
to get dirty and what 
things you should or
should not like, but
don’t ever let them 
break your spirit 
for adventure, grow
grow up to be bold
and beautiful and
let yourself be
the girl on the 
playground with 
scrapped knees
and messy hair 
because someday
it will all be worth it