Sunday, January 30, 2011


i could love you

if only you let me

i can be the woman

you need, the one

that makes you feel


i can be the comfort

you come home to

the one who makes

sweet love on a sunday

afternoon. when the

sun is creeping below

the horizon, while we

lie, legs intertwined

i can love you for the

woman you are and

the woman your are

meant to become

broken pieces and

all, i could love you

if only you let me.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

coming out

coming out of the darkness

i find you there, waiting for

me to realize my true potential

i can feel the change in me

altering my presence, making

me whole, again. it’s because

of you these changes exist,

but in spite of you i am free

to live my life alone and free

awakened to the senses. the

presence of love that was

lost among the silence, waits

at every turn. i can breathe

for the first time, and

the air tastes good,

and new full of life, i am