Monday, March 31, 2008

Parenting 101

"Well you know it isn't a first kiss if it lands on the cheek." "It's only a kiss if it's on the lips." How do we go from "mommy what color is that?" to the ins and outs of a first kiss. These are the conversations I am hearing and being a part of with my soon to be teenage daughter. Time has somehow morphed into warp speed and my once innocent little girl is contemplating her first kiss. How does a parent learn to make it through each day of monumental changes that happens to a teenager. We are considering getting a drug dog next, just in case. There is no amount of books to read or classes to take to prepare you for the ever evolving life of parenting. We go into it essentially blind, hoping not to totally screw them up. Begging God to watch over them when we cannot be there and praying that we are doing it right.

this was inspired by this weeks read, write, poem prompt, in listening to conversations and writing in the form of prose. i haven't been out much, so all i have to go on is my daughter and her friends conversations.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

stary night

we lay in the grass
watched the stars
fall from the sky

"did you see that?"
momma asked
"that wish was for you"
"and that one was for your brother"
we wished on stars all night

she said each star
had a wish on it tonight
for each one was made
for you, my little angels

the sky was clear
no city lights to
cloud our view

just me and mom
and brother, too
the starlit sky

we lay in the grass
watched the stars
fall from the sky

this is from the sunday scribblings, the topic was out of this world or space. it made me think of a memory from childhood, when there was a meteor shower and it was such a big deal. my parents had everyone over, friends, family and neighbors to watch. we had homemade popcorn, like on the stove drowned in butter, and homemade grape juice with a touch of sprite, and everyone laid on blankets in our field and watched the stars falling from the sky. it makes me sad that i live in a city and my children have never experienced anything so magical.

writer's island prompt... torrid and the gamble

the gamble

they had a torrid affair,
gambling all life's pleasure
to seek the satisfaction
of their own desires.
the pain it caused was
never ending with each
life affected, crumbling
piece, by fragile piece.
to learn all life's painful
lessons in one seemingly
innocent moment. it ended
abruptly, as each had a
moment of conscience to
stop them from the destruction.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Poefustion prompt

fling, cranberry, winsome, prey and quacky some hard words to work with this week.
i watched them
fling cranberries at
one another with
winsome delight
they were a little
quacky in their
flirtatious ways
one being the hunter
the other being the prey

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3ww writing prompt

in this glass house
i feel exposed to
the world. i feel
pressure to conform
to the expectations
of society. i question
the validity of my feelings.
the token of your shame
i wear like a medal. i carry
it with me everywhere i
go. it is my cross to
bear, alone on this
voyage. i see no horizon,
just the dark gray sky ahead.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i wanted to read
the last page first.
to see the end
before the beginning.
i couldn't trust
the answers without
the truth revealed to me.

i thought i knew you,
but you broke my heart.
you were the one
who told me how
it would be okay;
then left me standing
alone in the dark.
without a beacon
to guide my way,
i am lost to the
it covers me
like a blanket.
it's warm and cozy,
like a Saturday
morning bed.
i need your light
to guide me out
of this never ending

Monday, March 24, 2008

Two for Tuesday prompt


will our paths cross again
will we act as though
we are strangers on a train
will i be able to breathe
again in your presence
or will my heart stop at once
for the pleasure of your smile
will time stand still for us
to catch a glimpse of the sun
to stare at the stars
will there be a moment
a hesitation of the soul
for the final goodbye

Sunday, March 23, 2008


in this land of paradise
i can breathe again
palms sway in the wind
ocean air cleanses my soul
as the seagulls fly overhead
i can see freedom up ahead
its in the flowers and trees
calling me out of this slumber
the sand softens my skin
as i walk along the beach
softens my heart as i let
the waves crash over me
i can see freedom up ahead

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


i saw you in a sea of stars
i knew it was you
by your constant sparkle
i laid in the grass
to stare at the night sky
looking for that special one
i thought i'd miss you
sometimes they all look the same
but there you were alone
shining ever so brightly
i thought i might reach out
and touch you, but that would be
to much for one heart to hold

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Read, Write Poem prompt

the old oak tree

weak and weary i grow
my branches brittle with age
the ice from this storm
weighing me down

spring is soon coming
blooms will replace the ice
soon i will be full again
the damage will go unnoticed

surviving another winter
snow, ice, wind and rain
the darkness of winter
slowing fading

i am

i am a colorless human being
not black, white, red or brown;
i refuse to be labeled one or the other.
i am a person who has feelings,
i love; men, women, kids, dogs, cats
maybe not birds, but i love.
i will not be labeled gay, straight, or bi,
God created me to love; all people.
i am not only a mother, wife, or lover.
i have many different talents, jobs, hobbies
you cannot wrap me neatly in a package;
one size fits all. i am many different layers of me
ever changing, always growing into the person
i was meant to be.

Friday, March 14, 2008

writer's island prompt


it took her years to realize
she was someone she didn’t recognize.
her days were filled with tasks
she felt compelled to complete.
doing things before being asked,
that was her motto, just keep the peace.
she surprised herself the day she left,
it was an awakening, a freeing of the mind.
there was a quiet in the house that day,
unlike any other, when the noises climax
somewhere between, chaotic and ear piercing.
not the day she left, no it was calm, a hush
fell over the house as she said goodbye.
it was beyond her control now, they
had her in a straight jacket, as she was
headed for the padded room, down the
hall with the number 7 on the door.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3ww writing prompt apartment began, numb


her new life began.
today she moved in.
her apartment was
small, to say the least,
but it was hers alone.
in the city, the lights
danced in the night sky.
she could see the world
from her window. she
felt hopeful, maybe
the numbness would
finally go away.
she would finally
begin to feel again.

sunday scribblings prompt "experiment"


it's experimental, this faith i have in you.
it hasn't always been that true.
in fact there was a time in my youth
when my faith was unfailing. devout even,
never questioning, as i knew the truth.
now my days go by with a question;
around every corner, in the dark
in the light, even in when i sleep,
i doubt. am i good enough, do i work
enough. this lack of faith makes me weep,
for you, for clarity, for something
to get me through this failing

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two for Tuesday prompt.....plain and fits

there were two of them,
one plain clothed, the other
in full uniform. she new it
was bad when she saw the
chaplain. all she could think of
was the hateful things she
had said to him right before
he left. when they gave her
the news, she fell to the
floor in fits of rage and
sadness for her loss.
how would life go on,
would she survive?
then there was the
children, how do you
give children such
awful, horrible news?
she couldn't do it,
that much she knew.
life as she knew it was
over. the grief would
last for years to come.

Monday, March 10, 2008


they say there are "five stages of grief", so i guess once you experience all five; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, reality should set in and you can get on with your normal life right??? no you say, that's not how it works. one can progress from one stage to the next and then back again. well what should one do to speed the grieving process up, can we read the Bible from cover to cover and find all the answers in there. no, wait a minute that won't work either. somehow the anger keeps winning out over all the rest. anger at the world, anger at God, anger at you for leaving, anger at me for staying,, hell, even angry at the grocery store cashier for not checking your items out fast enough. or is it avoidance that gets me stuck in this vicious cycle, my own little defence mechanism, works like a charm every time. if i avoid the problem, there is no problem. they say time will heal, but time lasts forever doesn't it.....this isn't my life, why me, i can't get through this.....the words just keep swimming through my head, trying to drown me in my thoughts. time will heal all wounds.....maybe.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


every morning is the same
get up, make coffee
feed kids, let out dog,
feed dog. drink coffee,
check email, watch news.
dress kids, make kids lunch,
take shower, get dressed.
get kids to school, then;
start my day.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A poet

So I was commenting on these poems and there are so many good one's I just couldn't pick a favorite. I figure I'd give her a plug, so you can just go see for yourself how beautiful both the photography and the poems are.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Read, Write Poem prompt


'i dreamed a highway back to you',
the road was never ending.
i followed the curves and hills,
with an anxious heart, rapidly beating.
waiting, to find the end; see you
again. amidst my dreams,
the road kept going, faster, faster
until the end found me in a ditch.
no longer would i see you; or you me,
we would end forever more.
existing only in lost pictures,
in a crowd of people lined up,
waiting. back to the city you
would go looking for the pictures.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3ww writing prompt

the three words for today are: rest, sidewalk, twice

on the sidewalk
where we talked,
i heard your voice.
twice i thought
i saw your face,
smiling back at me.

letting go is hard
we shared our heart
our mind, our soul.
the day will come
when you live, only
in my dreams.

you will have the rest.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Two for Tuesday prompt

today i am strong
i can smile
at the life
i've been given

today i am enough
mother, wife, daughter
i can be who i am
without condition

today i am breathing
life and the good
things that surround me
amazed, happy

today i will not cry
at the missed
chance meetings

today i am enough

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Read, Write Poem prompt


the sun rises and sets
the days keep passing
my heart still beats
each time i think of you

the sun rises and sets
however painful life gets
the world keeps turning
when i start to forget

the sun rises and sets
the clock on the mantle
keeps ticking away time
my lungs still have breath

the sun rises and sets
to the tune of a song
i hear your voice
a whisper in my ear

the sun rises and sets
a picture falls out of a book
my fingers can't pick it up
your eyes still sparkle

the sun rises and sets
can we drown in our thoughts
as the rain washes them away
in the past they must stay

writing prompt

The Friday Five from Poefusion: string mural kempt dilated vinegar

she was hanging by a string
the world around her appeared kempt
yet the mural of her life
depicted an entirely different picture
her eyes dilated, red and tear stained
as the effects of her drink wore off
now she lies in her own sick
smells of vinegar, tastes the rain
will they find her before
it's too late to save her from herself.