Thursday, May 29, 2008

two for tuesday: poetry contest

this is from a prompt over at two for tuesday we were supposed to use the line "all i remember is how i forgot", which i loved so this is what i got from it.

all i remember is how i forgot
that you were my friend. i did
not realize the impact it would
have on my life when you went
away. how i would want to call
you when good things happen
or when i am sad. i forgot to
treasure each moment, so they
could live forever in my memory.
like the time we got lost in a maze,
or went to the park to swing like
we were five again. there are days
when a song will play on the radio
and all i can think of is how we used
to sing out loud with the top down
getting the words all wrong. all the
times we shopped together, even if
it was just over the phone. i never
thought i would forget the time we
stayed up all night talking about
music and poetry and life without
kids. how you would give me the
squinty eyes when you didn't believe
me, or how animated you were when
you told stories of days gone by.
all i remember is how i forgot....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3ww prompt: blurred, illegal, match

The words became blurred as she read the piece of paper in front of her. She could not believe her fate, how absolutely perfect it had turned out that the test results came back saying they were not a match. This could not have been better timing as their little rendezvous was everything but illegal in some states. It would have shattered both their worlds if the child were his, not to mention landed one of them in jail. Now if only she could figure out what to do next, she certainly wasn't old enough to bring a child into this godforsaken world. She would wait to see what her daily horoscope said, before she planned her final move.

writer's island prompt

in another lifetime,,
we would spend
the day together
eating ice cream
out of the box
with two spoons.
in another lifetime,,
we would lay in the grass
talking about how nice it
would be if everyone
were as brilliant as us.
in another lifetime,,
we would stay up late
talking about all the
things that mattered
most to us,, in a world
where nothing mattered at all.
in another lifetime,
we would find each other
in a maze of people
wondering how we
could have almost
missed each other,
in another lifetime.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

two for tuesday: cure and dirty

if only there were a cure
for the lonely at heart.
to feel loved and have
a purpose in life. is it
possible to be in this
world all alone and be
content with ones life.
is being content enough,
is there a better way to live...
to really live in the thick of it,
to get your hands dirty with life.
i think life is about connection, to
something... a living, breathing,
being. there is hope for the
lonely at heart in this world.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

3ww prompt: delayed, focus, edge

closing time

unfortunately, i've been on the edge
of extinction for a while now. the time
delayed for only a few short
moments, before the end
comes quick. i must
learn to focus on
the task at hand.
before it all
passes by
and i will
have lost
my only
at a life
full or

Sunday, May 18, 2008

writer's island prompt


on an impulse
i gave you my
heart, knowing
you would tear
it apart. i felt the
pain creeping in
long before the
betrayal happened.
i needed a new life,
a sort of liberation.
it's taken time for
me to heal, but soon
you will be all but a

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Poefusion prompt

to my kids

they say each fingerprint is unique
but, i know they leave a mark on
you. there is a little of me in each
you, some of the good and a lot of
the bad. i only hope you keep with
you the love i give and leave the
rest behind. you are the most
wonderful creation i have been a
part of in my life, the best of me
wrapped in three perfect little beings.
i can only hope for your happiness
and wish for you to learn from
your life all the things that bring
joy and love and hope. i love each
of you for who you are and how
amazingly you have taught me more
about life than i could ever imagine.

writer's island prompt: faithful and fantasy


is it even possible
for one to be faithful
when the other lives
in a land of fantasy?
can we make it through
this life loving each
other from a distance,
longing for a connection
never to be received.
can the air that is so
thick with contempt
be breathed in to
forgiveness. a new life
something to grab hold
of tight, so as not to lose
it again. will the truth of
lies ever be made real.
the black and white of
life turn to the gray of
in between. the unknown
be something to long for,
rather than run from....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

friday five


in a house built on sand
i found our love written
on a crumpled note. i
took it to the beach and
let it go in a plastic bottle.
i thought the unhinged
door was a sign of things
to come, when i found
your dirty handkerchief
laying next to our bed.
i new it was over for a
lifetime of tears lay in a
puddle on my pillow.
sometimes, it's just
stepping on a hockey
puck, laying on the stairs.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a song?

if i wrote you a letter
would you read it, or
maybe just laugh and
throw it away.

if i wrote you a song,
would you sing it and
hear my voice within,
calling out your name.

if i painted you a picture
could you hang it on your
wall or just kick it to the curb,
like all those memories.

if i told you i loved you
would you listen, or just
think i was pretending.

And if you want
another kind of love,
you can have it, i'd
give you anything.

can i write you a letter
tell you how much i care,
can i write you a song
let my voice cry out for you
can i paint your picture,
so i can see every inch of you
i wanna tell you that i love you.

And if you want
another kind of love,
you can have it, i'd
give you anything.

I wrote this in response to a prompt for Poets Who Blog interactive and it sort of felt like a song as i was writing it.

3ww writing prompt cautious, human, maybe

maybe i would feel
the little human grow
inside me. i could
touch my hand to
my belly as it swells
to a glorious mound.
waiting for life to
appear, i am cautious
to build a future on
this, as one never
knows how quickly
life can be taken from
us. i pretend that
everything is going
as planned, start to
pick out names and
wonder if i should
paint the room pink
or blue. then suddenly
it is gone, in a moment
my body rejects all that
i had set my hopes on.
another month, and still
i wait.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Two for Tuesday prompt

i sit in a room filled
with complacency
and wonder where
it came from. was i
not just sad the day
before. i expect the
other ball to drop at
any minute, but i pray
that it doesn't. i see
the sun rising, the
trees blooming, and
i am well. the days
are long, and there
is light, i see life
in everything now.
i choose to follow
the light, leave the
darkness forever
behind. i choose

Friday, May 2, 2008

sunday scribblings prompt

forgive me, for not being good enough. for not being perfect enough, or innocent enough. i have tried my best to be the perfect wife, mother, sister, daughter, lover, friend...but in the end i fear i have not been enough. all those times i thought i might hate you more than i love you, forgive me. for that night you had to come looking for me because i didn't meet my curfew, forgive me. it was a mistake when i blamed you for all my problems, for not being there for me when i needed you most, forgive me. oh and for all those c's i got on my report cards through the years, please forgive me for not trying hard enough. i can't imagine what you must think when i just lay on the couch crying for no reason, please darlings forgive me for not being strong enough. to those that i love the most, i sometimes leave because i'm afraid to stay, forgive me.

writer's island prompt


sometimes the love a mother
has for her children can be
so ferocious, it scares her.
she wonders if she'll be good
enough, or strong enough
to endure this thing called
parenthood. she worries
about every decision she
makes, how it will effect
her kids, will it do more
harm or good. sometimes
there is her own identity
to worry about. if she stays
home to raise her brood,
will she become lost beyond
repair, or will she still find
ways to be true to her inner
most feelings. these questions
are on most every mothers
mind, and change daily like
the passing of time itself.
to be the best mothers we
can be, to love with such passion,
you will give your own life for
another, this is what motherhood is
for me.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

friday five

a russian tale

walking down the road,
there was a pigeon, two
rabbits, and a couple of
tovarichs. the rabbits
wandered off to the
gravelines and the
pigeon fell dead on
the spot. the tovarich
said to the other, as he
was contemplating a
problem on an abacus,
"I think today's going
to be a good day".