Sunday, February 13, 2011

a thousand years

in a thousand years

will the words of your

love still be scribbled

upon my heart...will

you still be trying to

shut the world out

with your walls tucked

neatly around you keeping

you safe from the pain of

all the love i try to give

or will i have finally

broken down the barriers

that keep me out...

will you have given up

on your armored facade

to let me touch the softest

part, let me be the one to

heal your broken parts

let me be the one that

makes you smile, with

love eternal,

let me


these days

i only see you

in my dreams

walking around

like we belong

together, we walk

the city streets

hand in hand,

i steal a glance

your eyes filled

with love for this

town filled with

song and opportunity

she stole you from

my heart this place

and left me to pick

up all the parts

leaving just my heart

to feel you in the

pages of a book

the lines of the

latest poem i

write for you

eventually i must

start my life anew

with less than a

song, and more than

words to fill this ol’



you came to me

in a dream, it was

one of those dreams

that wakes you with

a start, not knowing

if it could be real or

just the longing of

your heart for the

moment we met

if only we could start

anew, no lies or mistakes

maybe then we’d have

a chance at building

something real, something

more than this bitter

addiction to your

smile and the touch

of your hand on my


Friday, February 4, 2011


Sometimes all it takes is a smile really

to start ones heart on fire

when you can see the pain

crying out from within their soul

and you wonder what is it

really that one person can

do that can alter the path of

another, and greatly change

the heart within and yet we

know the power of words

and thoughts, and lies

that take little pieces of

our hearts and leave us

in need of repair