Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sometimes the sound

of your voice can still

bring me back to you..

I tuck your words safely

away in my heart, not

to go there again....

Your song can easily

take me back to that

ice covered wonderland

of regret and fear and

all the ways I’d do it over

again, now maybe different.

I’d tell you of my love and

not let you get away, I’d

love you till the end of time

and you’d love me back...

You’d dedicate a song to me

and we’d sit on that old

porch swing, intertwined

no beginning, no end.

I’d read you poetry, while

you lay your head on my

legs, forever meant something

different back then. Maybe

there is no forever, only the

here and now and you and me.

Ending each others sentences

with the random words of love

and complication.