Monday, March 7, 2011


somedays i wonder

if i will know forever

not the one we’ve

been sold on grocery

store tabloids, or the

stories our grandmother

tells us about as she

celebrates the golden

anniversary, with tears

in her eyes because

she stayed with a man

that wouldn’t know love

if it knocked him square

in the eye, no i wanna

know the kind of forever that

you discover anew with

each day, the kind of

forever that teaches you

with each new line on

your lovers face, a

secret unfolds, a bit

of your heart grows

every day you fall

more in love with the

flaws and the beauty

and the tender

touch of her hand,

the kiss of her lips

on your neck, just

so. no i don’t want the pretty

forever all wrapped in a bow

neat and proper, i want the real

forever, the messy one with

heartbreak and joy, passion

that is endless in it’s ever

changing infiniteness.

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