Thursday, April 7, 2011

because i think too much

its so complicated

thinking of you and

her and me and us

and there’s all the

labels and whether

or not i fit in and if

i will do it all right

or wrong or will i do

it at all, this mess

of relating to each

other its like exploring

a foreign land, and

getting lost in the

beauty of the language

just so enthralled by

it so much that you

forget to breath and

lose for a moment

who you really are

and what your heart

is telling your head

and if you should

even listen to this

deceitful organ that

has done nothing but

led you astray in the

past, but it’s not the

heart thats telling you

to stay now anyway

it’s the her warm breath

on your neck and feeling

of her hand rising up your

back and you begin to

let go of it all and just


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