Wednesday, June 4, 2008

3ww prompt: deny, smile, uncomfortable

i can't deny that
that your smile
makes me.....
the moment i
see it, my palms
start to sweat.
i get that fluttery
feeling in the pit
of my stomach.
the back of my
neck begins to
tingle, with just
the slight brush of
your hand. i go numb
all the way down to my
toes and for a second
i am lost in you, with


gautami tripathy said...

I like the last few lines.

Random Musings

texasblu said...

Oh I remember those feelings! I still get them every now and then... Nice Leigh!

Tammy said...

A smile can be intoxicating. Nice job!

paisley said...

i kinda miss feeling lie that... you really made me feel it.. excellent...

TC said...

Holy crap, it really is like we were writing about the same person!!! Wow, those are scarilly similar!

one more believer said...

..the slight brush of your hand... that's exactly how it is... i am lost in you, w/u... sigh....