Friday, June 27, 2008

friday five

chance encounter

the secret lay
hidden in a roll
of film, years had
gone by with no
one the wiser.
until the day the
doctor spoke the
truth over the
telephone. something
long forgotten, a brief
encounter in a stairwell,
resulting in a lifelong
change of heart. will
her family finally know
she can no longer hide.


tumblewords said...

Ooops. Found out. Good piece!!

Michelle Johnson said...

welcome back leigh. nice to see you haven't lost your touch while you've been absent. i hate that anyone has to feel they can't share their deepest feelings with surrounding loved ones. why is it that everyone feels the need to judge when someone is different. i would like to think they add flavor to an otherwise boring life. thanks for sharing such a strong poem. have a nice weekend.

paisley said...

seems like a preface to a wonderful new story... love it!!!

one more believer said...

love the chance encounter!... in few words a lifetime revealed...

Vanna The Strange said...

Great piece! I added you to my favorites!