Wednesday, February 20, 2008

3www writing promp, t-shirt, unravel, punch

this one was kind of hard, i'm really trying to stretch myself.

the world around me
has begun to unravel
into heaps of snow
covered emotions
from a heart only
covered by the thread
of a t-shirt--bare
the seams worn
from the years.
there's blooming
in the distance,
as the warm sun
rises, it will wake
me with a punch
to be alive...again.


paisley said...

some portions of life are in fact that blase... nothing like a good jump start......

Anonymous said...

beautiful imagery.

Gay said...

Some lovely images here.


tumblewords said...

You stretch well! Nice post!

TC said...

heaps of snow
covered emotions

this was very visual for me. nicely done.

pia said...

spring makes life feel worth living again

gautami tripathy said...

Great imagery in here..

digging into fruit punch

Bone said...

I like the hope at the end. It's always good to have something to look forward to.

writerwoman said...

WOW. The first half was really lovely and the second had real life to it. Hope. A new start.

Love it.

BD said...

The way this poem reads reminds me of winter - at the end wonderfully punctuated by spring! I am stretching for that time of year myself.