Monday, February 25, 2008

writers island prompt

second chance

you give
so freely
of your love,
and get nothing
in return.

you forgive
the many sins
i've committed--
with love,
and grace,
and truth.

i deserve
so little,
and get
so much--
and hope.
your love
is not conditional.

your heart
completes mine.
together, we
will make it,
through, this
life-- together.


anthonynorth said...

A second chance indeed. Told so well and touching.

Richard said...

very nice, leigh. sacred and secular - just what a poem should be.

writerwoman said...

So romantic. To read that leaves a warm feeling like a just watched my favorite romantic movie.

paisley said...

the earmarks of a relationship "made in heaven"....

Leigh Lear said...

it certainly is "made in heaven", as all relationships can be if we just let them.