Wednesday, May 21, 2008

3ww prompt: delayed, focus, edge

closing time

unfortunately, i've been on the edge
of extinction for a while now. the time
delayed for only a few short
moments, before the end
comes quick. i must
learn to focus on
the task at hand.
before it all
passes by
and i will
have lost
my only
at a life
full or


gautami tripathy said...

Truly visual..

paisley said...

for years i have failed miserably at participating in my own life... i hear that same sentiment here......

San said...

i love how it works so well with visual appearance. i hope i make the most of my life. regert having lost a few years in between.

TC said...

Wow. That's fabulous.

one more believer said...

...loved the format how it supports the power of yr poem... time is meaningless how it stretches out before us.. it is all about in the moment.. looking past or future is of little consequence.. tho this is all easier spoken than living..

Medhini said...

Well done.... It reminded me of an hour glass turned on...

Anonymous said...

GReat! I love the concrete image of the poem coming into focus, just as the narrator intends to focus on her life.