Friday, May 2, 2008

writer's island prompt


sometimes the love a mother
has for her children can be
so ferocious, it scares her.
she wonders if she'll be good
enough, or strong enough
to endure this thing called
parenthood. she worries
about every decision she
makes, how it will effect
her kids, will it do more
harm or good. sometimes
there is her own identity
to worry about. if she stays
home to raise her brood,
will she become lost beyond
repair, or will she still find
ways to be true to her inner
most feelings. these questions
are on most every mothers
mind, and change daily like
the passing of time itself.
to be the best mothers we
can be, to love with such passion,
you will give your own life for
another, this is what motherhood is
for me.


paisley said...

as i have no hands on experience,, i can only tell you the feeling i come away from this with... something about this piece cries out to me,, and tells me you need to be whole before you expect yourself to be able to "mold" a whole child... the gaps in self widen as we spread ourselves to thin... who will have the unfortunate experience of falling thru?????

gautami tripathy said...

Some are destined to be mothers and for others? I will reserve my judgement..

dog and (wo)man

Rambler said...

sometimes when our decisions decide other people's life, it makes the decision even more hard..very well depicted dilemmas of a mother

jadey said...

Well said and such a great post. Love it.

one more believer said...

..absolutely one of the most beautiful poems reflecting motherhood that i've read... as a mother this is everything that i have felt/feeling since sprouting a young one... this is what motherhood is for me... yesss.....