Wednesday, May 7, 2008

3ww writing prompt cautious, human, maybe

maybe i would feel
the little human grow
inside me. i could
touch my hand to
my belly as it swells
to a glorious mound.
waiting for life to
appear, i am cautious
to build a future on
this, as one never
knows how quickly
life can be taken from
us. i pretend that
everything is going
as planned, start to
pick out names and
wonder if i should
paint the room pink
or blue. then suddenly
it is gone, in a moment
my body rejects all that
i had set my hopes on.
another month, and still
i wait.


pia said...

It's horrible to want something so much and for it not to happen

Especially motherhood :) Especially this week when too many women forget that having children is a privilege not a right

anthonynorth said...

It's tragic when something like this happens. All those hopes, dreams - shattered.

Red said...

I, too, wait.

gautami tripathy said...

This is so sad, only a woman wanting to be a mother, can understand this..

packing my bags

paisley said...

my sister has had a series of miscarraiges in her life,, and since she knows,, and i dont i can only reiterate to you what she has said to me... "i treat it as if i am carrying an illness,, that i will eventually have to go to the hospital to be cured of... should that cure be in the form of a little human being,, i shall being at that moment to be a mother..."

Anonymous said...

Wow, these words took me back a few years. I think it is the waiting that kills you...and the hope.
I too waited to be a mother, but now I am so blessed to have a beautiful daughter. I agree, Pia, having children is a privilege.

TC said...

Oh jesus, this is depressing. So heartbreaking.

I hope that it's just a poem, not something you've had to go through. *hugs* (just in case)

Leigh Lear said...

this is not personal experience for me, as i am blessed enough to have three healthy children, but a friend of mine recently went through something, and it's just what came to mind when i read the words.

Tammy said...

So many women have to go through this torture. *Sigh*

I'm happy that you did not but HUGS to our friends who are.

ratanaong said...

It's sad! But be courages and march on. Life's a journey. Be brave and try again.

one more believer said... is simply beautiful... my sister use to ache to have a child and she never stopped trying...

Bone said...

I've known a couple of people who have gone thru a miscarriage.

I just can't imagine how incredibly sad that must be.