Sunday, May 11, 2008

writer's island prompt: faithful and fantasy


is it even possible
for one to be faithful
when the other lives
in a land of fantasy?
can we make it through
this life loving each
other from a distance,
longing for a connection
never to be received.
can the air that is so
thick with contempt
be breathed in to
forgiveness. a new life
something to grab hold
of tight, so as not to lose
it again. will the truth of
lies ever be made real.
the black and white of
life turn to the gray of
in between. the unknown
be something to long for,
rather than run from....


paisley said...

i have this life.. it is the only life i know for sure i have there is no guarantee of reward or punishment.. i must live this life in truth... to no one but myself... and the moment i make a step in that direction... and when i find myself standing alone..... and i will know that i am all i have ever really had....

paisley said...

who the hell wrote that??? i hope you can make heads or tales of what i was trying to say... half way into it,, i was inspired to write something further on the subject,, and i ended up really messing the comment up trying to do two things at once... sorry about that....

i will probably post what i was writing in betwixt tomorrow sometime,, so then maybe it will make sense.....

christine said...

I think of estrangement after reading this poem, when two people just can't connect. A hard, cold place to be. Great poem! I'm glad paisley sent me over.

Natalia said...

Good words.