Tuesday, May 27, 2008

two for tuesday: cure and dirty

if only there were a cure
for the lonely at heart.
to feel loved and have
a purpose in life. is it
possible to be in this
world all alone and be
content with ones life.
is being content enough,
is there a better way to live...
to really live in the thick of it,
to get your hands dirty with life.
i think life is about connection, to
something... a living, breathing,
being. there is hope for the
lonely at heart in this world.


White Rose said...

I think more and more people are pondering this very question. So many more people are living alone.
Enjoyed this!

Anonymous said...

I really like the line "get your hands dirty with life..."

Life is dirty, complicated, messy, cruel, wonderful, beautiful and full of drama. If you need everything to be clean all the time, you will miss the drama, and you will miss the good stuff too!

Well done, my friend!

paisley said...

i posted on this very subject not long ago,, and one of my commenters said something that has really stuck with me,, (and you know what i just went back to find out who and cannot locate the comment!!)... but any way,, i believe one of the commenters said,, you never know when something out of your control will change everything and you will be longing for these days of bored contentment,, not in those words,, but that meaning... and you know,, who ever this ghost writer was... is right...

texasblu said...

"Get your hands dirty with life" was my favorite line as well - can really sink the psyche into this one. :)

gautami tripathy said...

Life is all that much more. However, a positive attitude helps..

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