Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i wanted to read
the last page first.
to see the end
before the beginning.
i couldn't trust
the answers without
the truth revealed to me.

i thought i knew you,
but you broke my heart.
you were the one
who told me how
it would be okay;
then left me standing
alone in the dark.
without a beacon
to guide my way,
i am lost to the
it covers me
like a blanket.
it's warm and cozy,
like a Saturday
morning bed.
i need your light
to guide me out
of this never ending


paisley said...

how many of life's highways would we not have traveled if we had known the outcome... i for one know i would rather have not known,,, and i have traveled a desolate dangerous highway or two.....

this was very well written.

Michelle Johnson said...

Your poem is a nice fit to the Monday Mural. I think it's sad and beautiful all at once. I hope I never have to have someone guide me from the darkness but, if I do, I hope it is my husband. Some roads are meant to be traveled together. Thanks for sharing and welcome to Poefusion. Hope to see you around again soon. Have a nice day.

writerwoman said...

These are fantastic lines that stand out to me
i am lost to the
it covers me
like a blanket.