Wednesday, March 12, 2008

sunday scribblings prompt "experiment"


it's experimental, this faith i have in you.
it hasn't always been that true.
in fact there was a time in my youth
when my faith was unfailing. devout even,
never questioning, as i knew the truth.
now my days go by with a question;
around every corner, in the dark
in the light, even in when i sleep,
i doubt. am i good enough, do i work
enough. this lack of faith makes me weep,
for you, for clarity, for something
to get me through this failing


paisley said...

scripture says... love never fails.. so if you have love.. you cannot fail... i think you have love....

Leigh Lear said...

can one have too much love, i wonder...

nonizamboni said...

Your writing could easily be my own experience. Knowing the truth, the older I get I still am searching for 'clarity.' But take heart, faith is a gift that is never taken away again.
Lovely post.