Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3ww writing prompt

the three words for today are: rest, sidewalk, twice

on the sidewalk
where we talked,
i heard your voice.
twice i thought
i saw your face,
smiling back at me.

letting go is hard
we shared our heart
our mind, our soul.
the day will come
when you live, only
in my dreams.

you will have the rest.


gautami tripathy said...

True. The much needed rest.

walking the sidewalk

tumblewords said...

Interesting and enjoyable read. Dreams die slow and sometimes hard. Nice job!

paisley said...

i need clarification on what you are talking about in that last line... they will have the rest of what???

Leigh Lear said...

paisley, i think for me i was thinking about the end of a relationship, you know where you share things, like cd's, books, etc. and in this poem one person is giving all that up except for the memories, while the other person gets to keep the stuff.

TC said...


Bone said...

I related too well to this. I can't say for certain that those dreams ever end.

Christy said...

all things come to an end eventually, and unfortunately endings are painful, well written!