Tuesday, March 18, 2008


i saw you in a sea of stars
i knew it was you
by your constant sparkle
i laid in the grass
to stare at the night sky
looking for that special one
i thought i'd miss you
sometimes they all look the same
but there you were alone
shining ever so brightly
i thought i might reach out
and touch you, but that would be
to much for one heart to hold


tumblewords said...

too much for one heart to hold - lovely thought!

Anonymous said...

beautiful. your progression in, and commitment to, writing is becoming more and more breathtaking.

Crafty Green Poet said...


paisley said...

oh leigh,, this was so lovely... i can see myself wishing upon my own "fallen star" when i read this....

crimsonflaw said...

what better way to think of the night than using this poem for a pillow...a very beautiful poem indeed... it outlasts the glance that became it.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely stunning. I am speechless.

Thank you for sharing this!


Leigh Lear said...

thank you, this has been my favorite so far.