Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two for Tuesday prompt.....plain and fits

there were two of them,
one plain clothed, the other
in full uniform. she new it
was bad when she saw the
chaplain. all she could think of
was the hateful things she
had said to him right before
he left. when they gave her
the news, she fell to the
floor in fits of rage and
sadness for her loss.
how would life go on,
would she survive?
then there was the
children, how do you
give children such
awful, horrible news?
she couldn't do it,
that much she knew.
life as she knew it was
over. the grief would
last for years to come.


paisley said...

having this back lit by the fact that your husband is a police officer makes this ever so much more realistic... i cannot even imagine what it would be like to live with this as a possibility every day...

Leigh Lear said...

it does kind of suck, you just have to have faith that he's going to be okay.

gautami tripathy said...

I don't know what to say other than give you a hug!

Can it get any worse than this?

Anonymous said...

Since I read this, I say a little prayer for you, and all of the other loved ones of law enforcement officers that everyone will come home safely. Thank you for this glimpse into a your world.