Saturday, March 29, 2008

stary night

we lay in the grass
watched the stars
fall from the sky

"did you see that?"
momma asked
"that wish was for you"
"and that one was for your brother"
we wished on stars all night

she said each star
had a wish on it tonight
for each one was made
for you, my little angels

the sky was clear
no city lights to
cloud our view

just me and mom
and brother, too
the starlit sky

we lay in the grass
watched the stars
fall from the sky

this is from the sunday scribblings, the topic was out of this world or space. it made me think of a memory from childhood, when there was a meteor shower and it was such a big deal. my parents had everyone over, friends, family and neighbors to watch. we had homemade popcorn, like on the stove drowned in butter, and homemade grape juice with a touch of sprite, and everyone laid on blankets in our field and watched the stars falling from the sky. it makes me sad that i live in a city and my children have never experienced anything so magical.


Becca said...

Simply beautiful. I love the way you've taken a memory and turned it into something quite magical.

Granny Smith said...

This is a lovely evocative poem of magical moments. Would it hurt your feelings if I made one little grammatical correction that would make this poem perfect for me? It's "LAY in the grass" not "LAID in the grass". Lay is the past of lie.

Forgive this old teacher! I loved your post.

Anonymous said...

you have me rising...


Leigh Lear said...

thanks, it slipped:)

anthonynorth said...

I've been there, staring up at the stars. You get lost in it all.
Beautiful. Mystical.

tumblewords said...

Ah, lovely! What fond memories...

Lucy said...

a sweet poem from an even sweeter memory.. I just love stuff like this :)

Linda said...

You captured that moment so well with very few words! But the perfect words!

gautami tripathy said...

So sweet memories..

debris of our making

writerwoman said...

You are one of the feautured poets of the week at Poets Who Blog. Thanks for being a part of our site.

Leigh Lear said...

thanks writerwoman, that's exciting.

Deborah Vatcher said...

what magic in the connections here with nature, memory, and family. Lovely.

bloggerdoodle said...

Thank you...that poem is beautiful and reminds me of a similar night spent with my two boys making wishes...they are grown now, and this really touched my heart.