Sunday, March 16, 2008

Read, Write Poem prompt

the old oak tree

weak and weary i grow
my branches brittle with age
the ice from this storm
weighing me down

spring is soon coming
blooms will replace the ice
soon i will be full again
the damage will go unnoticed

surviving another winter
snow, ice, wind and rain
the darkness of winter
slowing fading


paisley said...

this has been a really event filled winter for many of the northern states... i can imagine it is really painful to be a tree in those areas... isn't it amazing what they can withstand???

i am leaving you a link to my post as i am sure i will be in bed before they call for posts tonight... and i combined it with another prompt so it is already posted...


Jo said...

Yes, you did think the same as me, how cool, and this is lovely, very quiet and sad and moving. Nice one. Oh and hello by the way, nice to meet you!

Crafty Green Poet said...

its amazing how resilient trees can be, I enjoyed reading this

anthonynorth said...

A moment of rebirth beautifully done.

gautami tripathy said...

Tree reinforce life. That was my feeling after reading this!

Christine said...

A gentle poem describing a time of transition. Very nice.

Linda Jacobs said...

I'm looking at those trees right now but there are no buds yet!

I like the gentleness in this poem.