Sunday, March 16, 2008

i am

i am a colorless human being
not black, white, red or brown;
i refuse to be labeled one or the other.
i am a person who has feelings,
i love; men, women, kids, dogs, cats
maybe not birds, but i love.
i will not be labeled gay, straight, or bi,
God created me to love; all people.
i am not only a mother, wife, or lover.
i have many different talents, jobs, hobbies
you cannot wrap me neatly in a package;
one size fits all. i am many different layers of me
ever changing, always growing into the person
i was meant to be.


keith hillman said...

Well said! We are all individuals. I won't let anyone stick a label on me either

Linda said...

I've got all kinds of labels stuck all over me but I just smile knowing they are all wrong.

I love your poem!

Anonymous said...

this is gorgeous.

tumblewords said...

Labels are often used by people who have little depth - much like four letter words are used by those without a solid vocabulary! Very nice post!

Remiman said...

Agreed. Labels do define and put us in a box...sealed and hidden away, making it more difficult to evaluate the whole package.
Neat presentation..

paisley said...

so true and so eloquently said here...