Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Two for Tuesday prompt

today i am strong
i can smile
at the life
i've been given

today i am enough
mother, wife, daughter
i can be who i am
without condition

today i am breathing
life and the good
things that surround me
amazed, happy

today i will not cry
at the missed
chance meetings

today i am enough


Anonymous said...

Leigh- I loved this!! What a great declaration of empowerment!!

Great use of the words!!!!


Corina said...

Being "enough" is very empowering. This poem is just right. It's perfection.

If you'd like to read mine, long as it is, you can find it here: Catching Fire

paisley said...

what is it about some days that do just this for you.. i live for those days... this was so meaningful......

Thaleia said...

Great writing! I loved it

Scot said...

YEA! good one here--many will identify with this