Monday, March 24, 2008

Two for Tuesday prompt


will our paths cross again
will we act as though
we are strangers on a train
will i be able to breathe
again in your presence
or will my heart stop at once
for the pleasure of your smile
will time stand still for us
to catch a glimpse of the sun
to stare at the stars
will there be a moment
a hesitation of the soul
for the final goodbye


LN- Nickers and Ink said...

I liked this one.

Mysterious and fun.


paisley said...

in such moments in time... i wuld give anything to have had a "stop watch" that would indeed stop time forever if necessary.. this was lovely....

gautami tripathy said...

Goodbyes are ever so difficult. I liked the last two lines very much.

Cross out old memories

J.C. Montgomery said...

This is so poignant. It reminds me of those tough times after the end of a relationship where you are unsure of your heart and its possible reaction to running into someone it once held so closely.

Heather said...

I just love this.

It's so raw and emotional but restrained. I know there is something more you didn't say - and I love that!

Thanks for sharing it - wonderful!