Wednesday, April 9, 2008

3ww writing prompt; funny, remember, theatre


it's funny the times
i remember you most;
when the stars are out
in full and sounds of
nature surround me.
i think of you when
i shop for groceries
or while i'm working
on a new poem.
sometimes i think
of you when i go
to the theatre and
the movie is one i
know you'd like.
it's really unintentional
these times you slip
into my life. i'd like to
think i could make it
through one day and
never have you cross
my mind, but the chances
of that seem slim.


paisley said...

no.. true love is branded on ones heart.. there is no escape,, only sweet repose....

pia said...

some loves are impossible to break from. Great use of the word--saw the theme obviously but had to really look for the words

Jan Doble said...

i really like this...nice imagery. and, so true the words!

WriterKat said...

This is so genuine and to the heart. I really enjoyed it.

tumblewords said...

poignant and lovely

Felicity said...

this was absolutely beautiful :)

TC said...

Oh beautiful. Heartbreaking, but beautiful.

lissa said...

an ode to a lost love maybe? nicely written

watermaid said...

Maybe this is someone you would like to wipe out of your memory? I guess there are several interpretations of the poem, depending on the reader's experience. That's what makes it so good.