Friday, April 11, 2008


i give these fears to you
to take flight and be gone.
i let go of them, free my
mind and let the past be.
i will not wait for a chance
encounter to bring me down.
i will not allow myself that
luxury, again to wallow in
self pity. i will not fall into
self-loathing and pain, again.
i can be the person He
created me to be, awesome
and beautiful, loving and
compassionate. i will be
that person eventually.

this was for writers island prompt: chance encounters and flight, it also works for sunday scribblings prompt fearless.


paisley said...

i am trying to remember what it felt like to be fearless.. i don't know that i want to revisit that part of me,, let alone ever be that person again... as to me to be fearless is to be wild and reckless and chaotic...

i never experienced true fear until i stopped obeing perpetually angry,, and now that i feel it,, as if for the first time,, i think it adds an innocence to my being that i was sorely lacking before...

Leigh Lear said...

i guess there's a difference in healthy fear and deblitating fear that creates inablity to function.

Granny Smith said...

Don't ever be afraid to be you!

anthonynorth said...

I think fear that stops function is really a lack of confidence.
You express it well.

Devil Mood said...

I loved this and I needed that, so thank you :)

gautami tripathy said...

This spaks out to me at many levels..

children's day out

Greyscale Territory said...

Making regular affirmations about the postiveness of your identity means that you WILL realise its truth.

Perhaps you have already.


tumblewords said...

Nice post - fearlessness is not easy!

zoya gautam said...

"awesome and beautiful, loving and compassionate. i will be"
..graceful responses to the harsh questions put forth by life..