Monday, April 7, 2008

Read, Write Poem prompt

love knots

sitting in a circle,
woven with love.
i marvel at the
wisdom learned
through the art
of making homemade
tortellinis. my mother
and her sisters
with flour covered
hands fold dough
around their fingers
to make perfect
little knots. representing
our family tied together
forever in Italian love.


jimmmaaa said...

I like this. Very understated without mentioning the word Aunt.

Linda Jacobs said...

There is so much heritage in food! You wrote this one so well. I can see them all making the tortellini. Love it!

Anonymous said...

This was utterly perfect... what a beautiful sense and depth of feeling you share here!

paisley said...

i do so love this... i am half italian,, but got none of the culture.. i feel as if i missed out greatly in that respect....

Anonymous said...

I miss those days when I and my mom worked together in the kitchen for the whole family. Now only we two being there., it seems pointless!

wicked witch

gautami tripathy said...

That was me! Gautami!

sister AE said...

"love knots" is such a beautiful phrase for this. I'm going to think about that family love every time I cook tortellini now.

...deb said...

Delightul memory and poem. I'll think of tortellini as "love knots" from now on, too!

Anonymous said...

love the love knots! i see them making them--very moving

christine said...

his is one of my favorite poems of yours. I love the flour, the working together, all of it. Nice !