Sunday, April 27, 2008

weekend wordsmith prompt "carrying a grudge"

the grudge

i carry it with me
close to my heart.
not to let go of for
i might actually,
heal. it's something
i've become quite
good friends with
over the years, and
i would hate to see
it go. maybe if we
live together forever
i'll never really have
to be real with anyone.


paisley said...

i have no grudges,, but i do carry ever too much remorse... i wish i could drop it off in a good will box somewhere... i would hat e to wish it on some unsuspecting shopper tho.....

White Rose said...

Grudges do become something we nurture and keep close to us. They become more damaging than the original slight. I enjoyed this! I'm new to wordsmith too! I hope you'll be back.

Mediterranean Views said...

Very strong, and for many so true. There's a line from a Trish Yearword song that goes "Ain't it funny how the little things
Seemed so big back then
Damn the pride that makes me want
To break instead of bend
For reasons I've forgotten now
I lost my one true friend."
My heart aches for those lost friendships.

onemorebeliever said...

it is an interesting place to go that can easily become entrapped.. it is a beautiful poem...

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