Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a place to call home

i long to be in a place
of happiness, of joy
a place i can call home
where i am healthy
and will be better
for you and for them
i want to be the one
who you can lean on
the one of solace and
trust and forgiveness
i will be the rock that
we build a future on
a life i can be proud of


paisley said...

i wonder sometimes when i read your poetry,, how you function outside of the grim shell you paint in some of your work.. at least when i am consumed,, it effects no one but me...

j.c. montgomery said...

How you evoke such emotion in your poetry Leigh...I am always so touched.

Greyscale Territory said...

Wanting to be "the rock" is as close as believing you are.


Michelle Johnson said...

I think all women want to be that rock for their families. And, in most cases I believe we are. It's a safe place for each of us in a good relationship. I love how you place such emotion in your poetry. Have a nice day.

Leigh Lear said...

thanks everyone, and paisley, it's a struggle not to let it affect my children, but i get by.

one more believer said...

i so love the spirit of your writing... heartfelt, overflowing filled with wonder... indeed a treasured gift...