Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Poefusion prompt and RWP prompt

Lost Child

"I've never seen his face",
cause he's a lost soul;
forgotten in a world
where adults make
the rules. He doesn't
get a choice whether
to be heard or not.
Never a choice of
where to go, what
to eat or where to
sleep at night. He's
shuffled around in a
world of papers never
found. Doesn't get a
say if he wants to play-
be a good little boy,
waste the day away.
Moved from one
place to the next
without a second
thought. Lost in a
system failed to
the millions.

this was for both the Poefusion prompt and the Read Write Poem prompt on speaking for someone who can't.


Michelle Johnson said...

A sad but, true part of life. Your poem definitely reached out to those who can't voice themselves under today's rules. Maybe someday these rules can be changed so the children won't suffer. Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt poem. Have a nice day.

Scott Clawson said...

Its true and unfortunately the older they get, the more lost and forgotten they become. The bright side is, there are some victories! We have a case just down the street. Thanks for your poem!

UL said...

This I loved much, you say it so well...children doesnt always get to speak their mind,do they?

paisley said...

i just finished a book called three little words,, about a little girl stuck in the foster care system... this is the life those poor children lead... what an excellent take on the prompt... just excellent.....

Aareet Krsna said...

A grim aspect of our society, yet so fundamentally true.

Well illustrated!

watermaid said...

To be powerless and caught up in a system - a dreadful predicament which your poem captures so well.

Crafty Green Poet said...

too many forgotten children in today's overly bureaucratic world, good poem

Greyscale Territory said...

This is such a terrible reality of our so called civilised world. Just how much progress have we really made? How much have we really learnt? And how much does it all cost? Our children lost in "thesystem" are quite a high price to pay!


Pam said...

Well said. When I read your poem today I thought of the 400 plus children taken into care in Texas. The organization I work for does advocacy for children in the foster care system and it is difficult work. I just finished reading a wonderful book about this issue called Hope's Boy by Andrew Bridge.