Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3ww writing prompt

the things we didn't say

the highway was empty
as we drove along in
silence. the conversation
still lingering, each of
us trying to avoid the
unspoken. often times
we could go for days on
end having ignored the
things we didn't say. it
became our reality, our
comfort. now as the dark
settled in, it was no longer
possible to ignore the words
not said. we would learn
the ways of our heart once
again, and begin our healing
process. time was on our
side, and there was only
one way to go. we would
turn down the road to
happiness and in the end
our words would find
their way back.


gautami tripathy said...

I know that feeling rather well...

It sure feels good to be back!

Linda Jacobs said...

Nice! I like the upbeat ending.

paisley said...

huh,,, both of us went for the (more or less) happy ending today... excellent write... it sounds like acceptance if nothing else....

TC said...

Sometimes what we didn't say refuses to be ignored.

tumblewords said...

Nice thoughts and a positive ending. Good job!

anthonynorth said...

Not all roads go to nowhere.
That's good!

WriterKat said...

You express this well, and nice to have hope in the end.

one more believer said...

it is good to see an ending with forward motion instead of standstill defeat.. and spoken/written so beautifully... full of hope