Saturday, April 26, 2008

writer's island prompt and easy street prompt

waiting desperately for him
she thought of how outrageous
it had been, the whole ceremony
from the beginning was doomed.
upon completion of their vows
he left her standing there, alone.
she couldn't believe her luck to
find the one person she could
share her life with, only to find
out he was in love with another.
they left together, as the crowd
watched in wonder at her lovely
tear stained dress. alas she would
leave alone in a taxi headed nowhere.

the picture is from easy street prompts and the writers island prompt was completion and outrageous.


keith hillman said...

How sad! At least I managed a couple of days!

A lovely piece'n pic.

paisley said...

but in the long run,, a much luckier girl is she.....

very well done...

anthonynorth said...

Sad, but maybe inevitable in the circumstances.

jadey said...

Very sad but she was a bigger person she left letting people think that they were together and in reality they parted at the door.

lissa said...

I like this, it's like a tale told in poetry, it's sad but at least she found out now instead of later when things could get worse

tumblewords said...

Strong piece! Nice!

rebecca said...

oh, how terribly sad! so descriptive, so've managed to capture the feel of a broken heart to perfection.