Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two for Tuesday prompt


a ribbon frayed at the edges
unraveling like the truth
before me. each thread a
sign for me to follow. a question
for me to answer...to know.
when all i have is uncertainty
to keep me warm at night.
can i wear your strength
like a sweater, toasty on a
cold winters eve. a steaming
cup of coffee, brimming with
the kindness of a stranger.
a song wrote for a lost
love, notes singing in
the sky with the stars.
would it make a difference
if i believed in the truth?
if i followed the answers
before me. or would they
just sit there begging me
the question.

i wrote this for Two for Tuesday prompt the words were truth and sign


gautami tripathy said...

I like the last lines. Pondering over the same!

signs of truth

paisley said...

oh leigh,, this was excellently spelled out... not a wasted word... i feel it,, not only for you... but for me as well... very well done...

WriterKat said...

I love the visual images, it's a lovely poem. "I can wear your strength like a sweater," I love that line!

Anonymous said...

I don't find this rough at all!

I think it is beautiful, sweet and sad all at the same time.


Leigh Lear said...

thanks guys

J.C. Montgomery said...

I agree with Heather in that I did not find it rough, and the imagery - I think its beautiful.